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SWCCA Southwest CO Cycling Association

Complete details for 38+ Rides totaling over 500 miles in the Cortez, Dolores, Mancos, & Rico area.

This map includes rides for all ability levels and features terrain from year around desert routes to high altitude mountain trails.

Mountain biking route information includes:

    • Ride description & estimated ride times
    • Ratings for skill and endurance
    • Miles, elevation graphs, and elevation details
    • Times of year when trail is ridable
    • Mileage logs
    • Directions to trailheads
    • Additional important information regarding new trails, user fees, livestock grazing, fences, additional miles, or shorter routs.

Map details include:

    • Topo lines and shaded relief for easy visual trail location.
    • Mountain bike routes marked with clear and visible color coded lines to indicate the recommended direction.
    • Paved roads, 4wd roads, and pertinent closed roads.
    • Numbered and colored rides marked on the map with arrows indicating route direction
    • Mileage indicators on routes which correspond with the mileage logs in descriptions for each route on trails with a lot of options

Map size and construction:

    • Full Color both sides
    • 39"x26" folded to jersey pocket size
    • Waterproof paper


Map Side 1 (low resolution preview)

  • Colorado Trail CT
  • Bear Creek trail
  • Stoner Mesa trail
  • Calico trail
  • East fork trail
  • Circle trail
  • Scotch Creek
  • Ryman creek trail
  • Salt trail
  • Morrison trail
  • Grindstone trail
  • Sharks Tooth trail
  • Gold Run trail
  • Johnny bull trail
  • Geyser trail
  • Goble creek trail
  • Twin springs trail
  • Winter trail
  • West fall creek trail
  • East fall creek trail
  • Horse gulch trail
  • Priest Gulch trail
  • Wildcat canyon trail
  • Tenderfoot trail
  • Section House trail
  • Chicken creek trail
  • Loading pen trail
  • West Mancos trail
  • Burnett trail
  • Rampart Loop
  • Whispering Springs Trail
  • Chicken Creek winter and summer routes
  • Geer/Carpenter Loops
  • and more......


Map Side 2 (low resolution preview)

  • Phil's world trail system: Lemon head, Ledges, Stinky spring, The Rib Cage, Here for more, 2-more, Trust loop, Hippy House loop, Race loop, all the new trails and more.....
  • Boggy Draw trail system: Bean Canyon, Italian canyon, Boggy draw, Mavericks, McPhee overlook trail, winter routes, all the new trail and more...
  • CANM Canyon of the ancients: Sand canyon, East rock canyon, West rock canyon, Little Moab, Cannonball mesa, Yellowjacket overlook, Moccasin loop, Rock creek overlook loop, and much more......
  • Sagehen trail system: Upper and Lower loops
  • Local resources
  • and much more.......