Mountain Biking Trail Map Southwest Colorado Cortez Dolores Mancos Rico

What's the big deal about riding around Cortez?

Southwest Colorado is know for its jagged high altitude peaks, remote mountains, scenic high deserts, and the epic mountain biking routes through it all.

Cortez is perfectly situated between the desert and mountains and is centrally located between Telluride, Moab, & Durango. The area is recognized world wide for the abundance and quality of archeological sites scatter throughout the area.

What sets this map apart from others?

 Mountain biking route information includes:

  • Ride description & estimated ride times
  • Ratings for difficulty
  • Miles, elevation graphs, and elevation details
  • Times of year when trail is typically rideable
  • Mileage logs
  • Directions to trailheads
  • Additional important information regarding new trails, user fees, livestock grazing, fences, additional miles, or shorter routes.
Map details include:
  • Topo lines and shaded relief for easy visual trail location.
  • Mountain bike routes marked with clear and visible color coded lines to indicate the recommended direction.
  • Useful paved roads, 4wd roads, and pertinent closed roads.
  • Mileage indicators on route sections which correspond with route mileage logs.
Map size and construction:
  • Full Color both sides
  • 39"x26.75" folded to jersey pocket size
  • Waterproof paper
  • Tear resistant paper

Map Side 1 (low resolution preview)

  • Colorado Trail CT
  • Bear Creek trail
  • Stoner Mesa trail
  • Calico trail
  • East fork trail
  • Circle trail
  • Scotch Creek
  • Ryman creek trail
  • Salt trail
  • Morrison trail
  • Grindstone trail
  • Sharks Tooth trail
  • Gold Run trail
  • Johnny bull trail
  • Geyser trail
  • Goble creek trail
  • Twin springs trail
  • Winter trail
  • West fall creek trail
  • East fall creek trail
  • Horse gulch trail
  • Priest Gulch trail
  • Wildcat canyon trail
  • Tenderfoot trail
  • Section House trail
  • Chicken creek trail
  • Loading pen trail
  • West Mancos trail
  • Burnett trail
  • Rampart Loop
  • Whispering Springs Trail
  • Chicken Creek winter and summer routes
  • Geer/Carpenter Loops
  • and more......

Mountain Biking Trail Map Southwest Colorado Cortez Dolores Mancos Rico.  SJNF & Geer trails.
Mountain Biking Trail Map Southwest CO Cortez Dolores Mancos Rico.  Boggy Draw, Phil's World, CANM.

Map Side 2 (low resolution preview)

  •  Phil's world trail system: Lemon head, Ledges, Stinky spring, The Rib Cage, Here for more, 2-more, Trust loop, Hippy House loop, Race loop, all the new trails and more.....
  • Boggy Draw trail system: Bean Canyon, Italian canyon, Boggy draw, Mavericks, McPhee overlook trail, winter routes, all the new trails and more...
  • CANM Canyon of the ancients: Sand canyon, East rock canyon, West rock canyon, Little Moab, Cannonball mesa, Yellowjacket overlook, Moccasin loop, Rock creek overlook loop, and much more......
  • Sagehen trail system: Upper and Lower loops
  • Local resources
  • and much more.......

The most complete mountain bike map for southwest Colorado

Covering Cortez, Dolores, Mancos, Rico, Four Corners, San Juan National Forest SJNF,
LaPlata Mountains, and the Canyon Of The Ancients CANM and more.

Southwest Colorado Singletrack

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